Patient Care

Our Responsibilities to Our Clients/Patients

We offer respectful buprenorphine-based treatment for opioid dependence that includes the prescribing and monitoring of buprenorphine, and counseling support for our clients. We will provide “induction services” (making the transition from your current opioid to buprenorphine) on your first visit to the clinic, if necessary.

We will refer patients for psychiatric or medical consultation as indicated. We will support slow “detox” regimens or long-term maintenance with buprenorphine according to patient desires.

We will assist our patients with obtaining prior authorization for their buprenorphine from their insurance company and provide other services when we can. This takes a lot of staff time, and is not always successful.

If they do not have insurance we will assist our patients in getting insurance, and, until they can get insurance, we will prescribe the least expensive form of buprenorphine, even though this is discouraged by government agencies. We do not believe that the benefits of buprenorphine therapy should be denied to people who don’t have insurance and cannot afford the more expensive buprenorphine products ($200 for generic, plain buprenorphine vs. $600-$900 a month for combination buprenorphine/naloxone). We believe it would be unethical medical practice to withhold buprenorphine based on ability to pay for it.

We must abide by HIPPA regulations regarding the privacy of your information and records.

Rarely, we find it necessary to ask a patient/client to leave the Clinic permanently because we cannot tolerate his or her behavior. We do this with reluctance and sadness and only as a last resort. We will prescribe a detox regimen and provide a list of other buprenorphine doctors in the area and handle emergencies for one month after dismissal from the Clinic.

We must abide by rules set down by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, even if we do not agree that they are necessary or appropriate in a particular client.